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  1. about

    i'm reinier treur (b. 1961), a photographer and editor based in the north of the netherlands. i hold a master degree in dutch literature and had a career in pr & communications before i switched to fine art landscape and documentary photography.

    as a photographer i'm mainly self taught. i use medium format (and sometimes 35mm) analog cameras and color negative film.

    influenced and inspired by the new topographics photographers, i'm interested in the relation between mankind and the (altered or changing) landscape, with a particular curiosity for traces in the landscape that unveil human interventions from the past.

    i like empty, dilapidated, gloomy and messy locations as much as excessively orderly and overly neat places. my work shows the beauty of landscapes that most people regard as boring and ugly.

  2. contact

    limited edition prints are for sale. i'm available for commissions.

    for enquiries mail to: info[at]treur[dot]org

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  4. book

    a booklet containing a dozen of my photos is published by subjectively objective.

    a few copies are still available here.

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  6. selected publications & exhibitions

    2017 - in the flat field series featured at camera infinita
    2016 - mini monograph publication by subjectively objective
    2016 - grinslân featured at new landscape photography
    2015 - ubi energeia fuit series featured at despite the illusion
    2014/15 - grunnen in twijen; group exhibition, provinciehuis groningen and subsequently in 10 public libraries

    you can follow me on:

    ○ flickr: treur_org

    ○ instagram: reiniertreur

    ○ twitter: @reiniertreur

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